I Wrote This in the Dark

by Peacock Affect

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released December 10, 2016



all rights reserved


Peacock Affect Exeter, UK

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Track Name: I Wrote This in the Dark
I’m waiting
Waiting for the world to disappear
And I see you pretending to be my friends

But I’m not like you at all
Because I get back to you
And I talk to you
But nothing echoes back
Nothing echoes back
Track Name: I Brought You a Flower and You Brought Me Nothing
I deserve more than a sorry
I deserve to of never of even known you
Look at the world
And the grand scheme of things
It’s all a load
It’s all

And one day I’ll bounce back
And I have other genres in my life now
And I know that all of them psychologically stab
But that’s just the way they are
It’s just the way they are
You’ve left a huge scar
And that’s fine
I’m only just about standing but I’ll be fine
Because I brought you a flower and you brought me nothing
And I don’t even know if they’re alive any more
And I don’t even know if I’m alive any more
Track Name: The Glow in the Dark Stars
If there's an after life I know that it looks how it looks in that game
There's a moon that's too big and a sad sound that I can't help but to make on my guitar
Lying beneath the glow in the dark stars
Because there's no one in my life
It doesn't feel that way anyway
The moon's red
Looking out of the window again
Go to sleep
Go to sleep

She threw me away and then complained about what she did
Well you were better than a picture but the nothing makes any sense
Go to sleep
It's the only place where your dreams come true
So go to sleep

It's just I'm so stuck about the body I'm in right now
The porcelain skin that I want has vanished
And I wish I knew why I do the things I do
I listen to some music
And I wonder how any one can be so happy in a world so full of hate
I listen to some music and I realise my fate
It was lovely to meet you
Now try and find me
Go on...
Find me