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by Peacock Affect

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released October 15, 2015



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Peacock Affect Exeter, UK

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Track Name: Painting Pictures of a Never Ending Mess
I was a gold at the rainbow type of person
And now I realise what it feels like to truly be asleep
If I could change anything in my head I’d add flowers and more of childhood
Because nothing went right until I realised it was all in my head

I go for a walk and think about it all
And how I wish I’d stayed at home

I’m painting pictures of a never ending mess
But if I could change anything I change the world and put myself in another one
Because when I’m lying in a field staring at the sky or stars
I want to cry and sleep and die all at the same time
And then be reborn with all I’ve ever wanted

Staring at the candles in the bathroom while it’s raining outside
Whenever someone sees me they have nothing to say
Track Name: The House
I want to leave the house
But there's nowhere to go
And all the people want to do is hurt you

I want to be a star
But I’m worried I’ll embarrass myself
And too many people can’t think for themselves
Track Name: The Drowning
Doing the same thing every day
I’m so tired
I don’t want it anymore
I want to sleep
A perfect way where you don’t wake up but you don’t die
You just simply lie without drowning anymore

I don’t want to be here
But I don’t want to not be here
Suicide; it won’t happen
But then neither will life without drowning anymore
Track Name: It Just Isn't the Same Anymore
After all
Who knows?
I have no idea what to do with my life
I wish I never broke my guitar
Track Name: Sky Blue
Sat on a train that goes to the world you don't like and a town that bores you
And you've tried your hardest now
She said "I've been alone and owning this grave that never gets used, and to listen to you makes it go away"
You've watered two dead flowers
And everything's sky blue now

Who are you
When you don't know what to do

Sometimes I just lie in bed and stare at the ceiling because I wonder what I'm doing here
And it never seems to rain when I want it to rain
I feel even sadder than when I didn't care about this grandiose place
A perfect scenario where you don't wake up
I knew I'd wasting time with people who waste time
And the more lonely you get
The more lonely you get

Who are you
When you don't know what to do
I could cut so deep I could die
And when I die I still want to be something
Who are you
Who are you are you are you