Peacock Affect

by Peacock Affect

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discarddiscord pure and painfully beautiful. Favorite track: Wallflower.
David Sanchez
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David Sanchez Amazing. Beautiful. Sad. A wicked combination. Favorite track: How You May Fall For Someone.
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released April 21, 2015



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Peacock Affect Exeter, UK

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Track Name: The Middle
I dropped my book and saw a face
Her hair red my feelings cold
I just can't feel anything any more
Funerals are for the living
But I can't quite die
I really want to go
But I will miss music like this
And I would for ever wonder
If everything would turn out okay in the end
Come on, we all die in the end
But at times I want to die in the middle
But now I think it's the end
Track Name: The Heaven Smiles
Heaven smiles bellow me son
That's right I'm going to hell
For all the things that I am
And the things I've done

Do you ever, wonder?
Why you're alone tonight
I know I do

If I could draw this I would
The winds turning in to the sea
And I'm sitting in front of my window
I met my favourite star and he was horrible to me

And do you ever wonder
Why you're alone tonight
I know I do
Track Name: How You May Fall For Someone
How you may fall
For someone you haven't met
Well girl
We think we are just like me
The image of a young modern man
At a bar meeting her
I find it mildly depressing
Mediocre face
An' Unhappy body drawn to his pace

It's because I'm boring and I sit indoors
Got nothing to say
Never have and never will
I will meet you in another world
Track Name: Mental Education
This is weird
And it couldn't get any weirder
My love is everywhere
And I don't know how to control
I don't know what happened
I just want to go to bed
When I'm happy
Someone makes me unhappy

The Sea
Do you remember me?
These are such slow days
These are such slow days

Don't cry
If I where you I would enjoy being alive
I don't blame you
I don't blame you

Track Name: FRIEND
I wrote a song about dying in a forest
And I'm afraid to say
I'm gonna' leave it how it is
It just didn't do it for me
Right now I'm calm
But I'm lonely

Are you gonna' see me?

I don't have a friend

I wrote a song about being single
And it did it for me
I don't want to marry
I just want something more than me
I don't want fake
I want to be famous

The guy who died in a forest
It wasn't me, valuable me
Track Name: Today
I saw you today
And I don't know if you noticed me
You kept walking away
You kept going the wrong way
When I want to know
What do you think of me?
And why
Does this always happen to me?

It's been years

I saw you with your group
You noticed me first
Goosebumps and shivers down my spine making me want to cry
With the emotion you flooded me
So many awful memories
Now can you look me in the eye?
And say I haven't changed
Track Name: Wallflower
I know I don't belong here
But is that why I'm here?
I don't care if I don't care if I don't see this world
As a grandiose place
But sometimes I know that I am
It's just this once I feel like I am

Because you're a wallflower you know
You should write something about me sometimes
You see things
And you keep them to yourself you do

I know I try to hard
When I should be at home
With the feelings I get from my heart
But just this once I don't want to be ignored
To look in the mirror and not feel sad about it

Because you're a wallflower you know
You should write something about me sometimes
You see things
And you keep them to yourself you do

Meet me in another place
If I ever get the chance
Meet me in another place
That way I can tell you what I think of you
I'm a back bedroom casualty
Do you understand?
Write something wallflower
I will
Track Name: No One
Not having someone day by day
I want to go to bed
And there is no one who loves me
As I look at my love-line
I try not to bother
I try I try

Tonight I stand on my own
Sat in the corner every night
Every night.

She said it will be fine in the end.

Not even
Faint glances of interest
I'm the poorest of a child
As throw
My thoughts in to a fire
The swirling of small noisy tantrums

She said it will be fine in the end.

I know a palm reader
She said she doesn't know what it means
When there is a scar
She said she will look it up
When she gets home
She never told me, no.

She said it will be fine, in the end.
Track Name: Low Flying Banana To The Crutch
Sleepless nights I have missed you
Walking around
With adventurous outbursts
You love everyone
And everyone must love you
I just love the feeling when the winsome look at me
I got a great idea! Lets go to a bar!
Sipping water or tea, and although nothing happens, I'm to creative to care.

And I'm still waiting for that thing.
Not many of you understand
That I'm still slipping away
Frantic you
They don't want me to

And just those sometimes
It can go to far
And they say hey I can't live with it
That's when I say; Are you looking at me in that way?
Laughing in a less devour way
Well am I paranoid? Or is that what they want me to think?
Because I'm still waiting